Machine to Machine (M2M) or Telemetry is the connection of machines or devices via an embedded SIM over the mobile network. This allows for a wireless, low cost transfer of secure information or data. Potentially thousands of devices can be simultaneously monitored and managed, providing real time information for your business.

M2M covers a broad range of technologies and applications, which connect the devices or machines to back-end IT infrastructure. The use of M2M technology for all industry sectors is great and varied. Some examples are:

  • Transport and logistics – GPS tracking and reporting
  • Security – Alarm notification, track and report stolen items
  • Manufacturing – Plant and field monitoring of machines
  • Smart metering – parking meters, energy metering, vending machines
  • Point of sale terminals
  • Healthcare – patient monitoring
  • Consumer electronic products – Smart TV’s, Fridges, Navigation devices, e-readers
  • Automotive – In-car navigation and entertainment systems, security tracking

Vanilla Telecom specialise in Telemetry and Machine to Machine (M2M) communication. If you’re an MVNO wanting to manage your own customers or if require M2M technology for your business, we can help.