Compliance For Service Providers


All commercial electronic messages sent to an electronic address in Australia are beholden to the Spam Act. Kindly familiarise yourself with this legislation and ensure your compliance, the key regulations can be found at and below:

Permission (consent) – messages can only be sent with the permission of the person who owns the account for the address (usually the recipient).

Identification – messages must contain the name and contact details of the person or business that authorised the message (sender identification).

Unsubscribe – messages must contain a low (or no cost) way for the recipient to stop getting messages (to ‘opt out’ or unsubscribe).

Please note it is standard practice for Spam filters to return a delivered response for filtered messages, so spammers aren’t able to identify blocked content and figure out ways around the filter.

Please ensure your compliance with the Spam Act or contact us if you require additional assistance.


Please know that whilst there is no federal legislation specifically restricting gambling related communication in Australia, rules and regulations can vary at a state and territory level. It is our partner’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with legislation as applicable, should they wish to carry this kind of traffic.

As an example, click here to view a set of guidelines provided by Liquor and Gambling NSW, detailing the restrictions around gambling advertising and inducements.